Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arielle Emerick and Corrin Graham

(This is a picture of Corrin dressed for the pageant.)

This is a great story! Corrin Graham has a cousin with TS, Arielle Emerick. Well, Corrin was a contestant in a very cool pageant! So, with this, she is promoting awareness of TS for her cousin. Corrin's mom sent me this information:

Corrin Graham , age 10 soon to be 5th grader at Wetumpka Middle School in Wetumpka,AL
She is the daughter of Mikel and Jennifer Graham of Wetumpka,AL.
She has one little brother (almost 4) named Mikel Carter.

She loves the color blue. Loves to bake, tumble,rollerblade,swim and collect Disney Pins.

Corrin's second cousin, Arielle Emerick, was recently diagnosed with Turner Syndrome.
They moved in 2010 from MI to Arkansas due to her dad's job relocating to Arkansas. She fell ill and
visited Arkansas Children's Hospital, where they later diagnosed that she has Turner Syndrome. Within days of the TS
diagnosis, Arielle underwent a heart transplant. Arielle is recovering from the heart surgery, but is still in isolation due
to set backs with slight rejection and other medical factors.

Corrin was invited to participate in National American Miss Alabama Pre Teen 2011. She thought it would be a great way
to raise awareness in Arielle's honor. Corrin wanted others to learn more about the characteristics of TS so that
others would be able to get treatment earlier in their life.

Corrin was chosen as a featured NAM girl for's national pageant daily.
Her mother, Jennifer, couldn't be more proud of her daughter's involvement to bring awareness to
a cause that is so close to her family's heart.

Later on, Arielle's first cousin was diagnosed with TS as well. It is very rare to run in families.
Usually, it is a genetic fluke, but sometimes there is an omission of the "x" chromosome that
will manifest in certain generations.

Well done, guys! Arielle seems like an amazing girl, and I'm glad to see something like this bringing a family closer. TS awareness is a very important thing to us all! =)

If you would like to learn more, here are some links sent to me by Corrin's mom:



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TS Awareness Day - Friday, July 15th, 2011

Hey everyone!

Just to let you all know,there will be a TS awareness day on Friday,July 15th,2011. It's through my website, Colleen's Turner's Syndrome Page. Let's get the word out about TS!

Thanks =)